Super Seven Spirit Guide Pendulum

~ HEALING ~ PROTECTION ~ POWER ~ GROUNDING ~ PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT ~Powerful super seven dowsing pendulum topped with a 4mm purple crystal and silver bead caps with a beaded chain and Spirit Guide with your choice of either a dolphin, dragon fly or bear. Total length of dowser approx. 10...
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Powerful super seven dowsing pendulum topped with a 4mm purple crystal and silver bead caps with a beaded chain and Spirit Guide with your choice of either a dolphin, dragon fly or bear. Total length of dowser approx. 10 inches

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We all have the ability to access our intuition and consciously know infinite information, knowledge, and wisdom. A pendulum helps you to use your intuitive abilities to accurately find solutions to everyday challenges, help to make decisions, align one's Chakras, cleanse and dispel negativity in a room, find lost objects, direct healing energy, and much more.

Super Seven is also known as Sacred Seven and Melody's Stone is considered the “The Stone of Higher Consciousness”. It contains Amethyst, Clear Quartz. Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Geothite and Lepidocrocite, and is powerful stone for healing your mind, body and spirit.

This High Vibration Crystal, which is very rare, found only in the region of Espirito do Santo, Brazil, is noted for both having seven component minerals and for being particularly well suited to aligning and clearing all seven Chakras. It retains its own energy and never needs either cleansing or energising. One of the best ways to use the Super Seven stone is to meditate with it.

* heightens the vibration of any other crystal in its vicinity
* aids spiritual and psychic workers to take their talents to the next level higher
* helps contact spiritual guides
* often used by crystal healers for aligning the body's energy flow
* opens up all the senses and helps one to see auras
* possess strong grounding properties
* brings the soul back into communication with the Divine
* an action crystal of strong energy that builds fearlessness, fosters action, and promotes productivity
* brings clarity of mind as it raises one’s vibrations to a totally new level
* activates wisdom and strengthens intuition; assist in finding solutions; and provide the inner strength to cope with different situations
* a powerful stone for healing physical, intellectual and spiritual dis-ease
* very good for harmonizing the body, stimulating the body’s natural healing system and healing cellular memory. Supports the immune system, skin and bone

AMETHYST – This crystal encourages and supports the awakening of the spiritual senses, intuition and clairvoyant abilities. Amethyst helps with stability, it also aids in the balancing out of negative energy.
SMOKY QUARTZ – this crystal helps one stay focused, alert and in tune with the surroundings. Smoky Quartz also enhances the ability to be a good business person. It is protective and healing.
CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL, mostly known as the crystal that amplifies and strengthens, it is a powerful healer, as well as bringing skills in listening . Quartz Crystal also helps with the continuity of the flow of energy.
RUTILE – Is seen as a stone of joy and optimism, it is a crystal that can strengthen love bringing growth inspiritual aspirations. Rutile helps being out stability in any love or relationship. It also brings mental balance.
GOETHITE – is known to aid in the ability to keep to ones tasks clear making one concentrate and focus on the task ahead. Goethite helps and aids in the balance of negative and the positive.
LEPIDOCROCITE – is a crystal enhances the intellectual ability. Lepidocrocite also gives an individual to have sound thoughts and emotional grounding.
CACOXENITE – is a crystal known to aid one understand all the positive aspect of life, enhancing the openness to spiritual pursuits. Cacoxenite also empowers one to dispel any negativity.
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