Hello! My name is Gloria-Jean Browne and I am a holistic jewelry artist. I have a passion for crystals, jewelry and health and am fascinated with how the healing process involves and effects the body, mind and spirit.

I was first attracted to crystals and gemstones many years ago when I began my jewelry making journey. I enjoyed using the beautiful colours and organic shapes, but the more I worked with them the more I felt the energy radiating from them. As I started researching the various gems I was using I realized the healing power they possessed.

Created by the natural energies of the planet, crystals are powerful tools for holistic healing. They have been used since ancient times as powerful healing objects, meditation tools, and medicines (in the form of elixirs). They have long been known for their curative effects when used in the the preparation of tinctures; for their protective characteristics when worn as amulets and talismans; and for their ability to enhance the energy fields of the the body as they emit uniform vibrations in harmony with the natural vibrations of the human body. Today they are still widely used for their therapeutic properties. Each stone has its own unique characteristics that release specific energies in the body and mind.

With each listing, I have explained the healing energy for the crystals and gemstones used in making each piece. I hope these descriptions will help you to make an informed choice about the stones you wear—not just to match out outfit, but to bring you health and well-being, calming or stimulating as necessary to bring you into harmony and balance.

Each mineral has a variety of properties that can powerfully affect your health and well-being. Chosen with care, properly cleansed, protected, maintained and utilized wisely, they can powerfully influence every aspect of your life, from your general health to emotional issues such as coping with relationships; from helping you unfold your innate talents and healing abilities to opening to your own divinity. For instance, fluorite can bring you mental clarity and assist learning; amber can calm you and bring a senses of peace; amethyst can help you sleep and turquoise can improve communication skills.

Working with crystals and gemstones should be light and joyful, since they have so much to offer and are beautiful to just have; however, I hope you will appreciate their power and wonder even more when you look at their history and find that in your hand you’re holding something millions of years old that contains within it the essence of the planet. Whether you’re just starting on our journey or are well on your way, whether you’re a professional using healing techniques in your work or you’re simply looking for a better way to live your life, it can be tremendously joyous and fulfilling to explore new perspectives.

One way to benefit from the properties of the crystals and stones is to wear them. Perhaps most people  choose  jewelry  for its decorative effect,  to enhance an outfit or to make a personal statement.

Even though one may not have the intention of receiving healing support from the crystals and gemstones they wear  each stone does have properties and may bring in energies which effect the individual  in various ways.

The jewelry you wear can help with your personal healing and spiritual development.  Often people who have no conscious knowledge of crystal healing will intuitively select jewelry set with stones that will have a positive healing effect for them.


Gloria-Jean :)

The following quote is by Nicholas Pearson (Stones of the Goddess)
“The mineral kingdom provides us with some of the most potent tools for magick, transformation, and healing. Rocks, crystals, gemstones, fossils, and minerals evoke their unique energetic connection to primordial Earth—a time that existed before the first appearance of humankind. These minerals are timeless beings, masters of crystalline perfection whose consummate composition and precise structure are the foundation of their energy and effects.”

As a reminder, gemstones and crystals are not to be used in place of medical treatment but along with it. Please follow your physicians treatment, and then use gemstones and crystals to help aid in healing.

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