Welcome to my Studio!

When I first started this jewelry making business in 2018, I had a back corner in the basement to store my supplies and I made everything on the dining room table.



My step son lived in the basement, but once he moved out in the fall of 2020 I was able to take over the rest of the basement to set up my studio. 

Then Came A Flood!!!

In the fall of 2021 we had a horrible storm here in Ontario and the rain was coming down so hard it filled up the window wells and seeped into the basement. 


My studio was all carpeted but of course that all had to be removed. So I packed my studio up and replaced the carpet for vinyl plank flooring.



It was quite a nightmare trying to pack everything up while also trying to fill orders and make new pieces.



I finally got everything packed away and ready to replace the flooring.



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