Lemurian Seed Quartz Empathic Warrior Pendant

* STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN * MASTER CRYSTAL * SERENTIY * WISDOM *High vibration Lemurian Seed quartz crystal necklace also an Empathic Warrior Crystal with a Growth Crater have side hole and hangs on your choice of a 16 to 26 inch silver plated chain or a 30" back waxed cotton...
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High vibration Lemurian Seed quartz crystal necklace also an Empathic Warrior Crystal with a Growth Crater have side hole and hangs on your choice of a 16 to 26 inch silver plated chain or a 30" back waxed cotton cord.

EMPATHIC WARRIOR CRYSTAL ~ Broken, chipped and otherwise damaged crystals are called Empathic. Empathic crystals bring out compassionate feelings in us. The crystal picks up this empathy and amplifies it. Often the lesson of Empathic crystals is to remember to be compassionate and empathetic to our OWN chips, dings and perceived flaws and to remember we are still beautiful, whole, lovable and worthy.

This crystal configuration promotes wound healing, whether it is on the mental, spiritual or emotional level. These warriors are specialists at helping one to open one’s heart. They give us a lesson of self-love, acceptance and forgiveness. Some empathic warriors develop beautiful rainbows within, reminding us that it is who we are on the inside that matters; and it is possible to regenerate one’s own rainbows even if we have been badly treated, neglected or abused. They are the perfect symbol for the smaller self who is willing to sacrifice itself to the higher self.

GROWTH CRATER is a crystal that at one time had another crystal(s) attached to one of its sides. The missing crystal left behind a crater-like depression. These crystals symbolize our capacity to detach, let go, and continue on.

A magical stone with an epic lineage, the Lemurian Quartz crystal is a treasure trove of wisdom. Like the rings of a tree trunk, each Lemurian Quartz crystal stone contains sacred messages and symbols that are represented in unique horizontal lines and grooves, an abstract pattern that resembles the hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptians.

The Lemurian crystal is known as one of the master crystals because it tunes into your spiritual compass, working to unlock the secret doors of your soul. The ethereal vibes associated with the Lemurian crystal meaning help to bridge the gap between the earth and the cosmic realm. Its unique indentations represent keyholes, an inspiring way to enhance individuality by unlocking the magic that exists in the celestial dimension, a place that contains the blueprint of your inner spirit and the interconnectedness of all things.

With its ladder-like striations, The Lemurian crystal meaning symbolizes a stairway to heaven, a path that leads to high vibrations of light and hope. Meditate with the Lemurian crystal and discover the truth of your soul by riding on the wings of angels. During this moment of peaceful contemplation, connect on a deeper level with your Lemurian by running your fingers over the grooves and asking its to open your mind to receiving its sacred messages. The answers might not instantly appear, but the more you meditate with Lemurian, the closer you'll be to discovering the true desires of your soul.

Source: https://www.energymuse.com/lemurian-quartz-meaning

* high vibration stone
* protection
* master healer
* considered the "stone of power"
* helps to increase intuition and insight, enhance awareness, spiritual growth and to amplify prayers, wishes and positive visualizations
* brings energy into the soul
* amazing for helping you connect with your spirit guides and guardian angels
* a powerful energizer: receives, activates, stores, transmits, and amplifies energy
* promotes emotional clarity and purity
* facilitates wisdom, memory, clear thinking and positive thoughts
* holds the Wisdom of the Ages (an energizer and amplifier) will enhance the effects of all crystals
* one of the best crystals for meditation because it can be programmed with your meditative intention


** As a reminder, gemstones and crystals are not to be used in place of medical treatment but along with it. Please follow your physicians treatment, and then use gemstones and crystals to help aid in healing.

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