Rare Double Terminated Crystal Cluster

This is a gorgeous and unique cluster of double terminated crystals with no matrix that elegantly bridge together. A high energy empathic warrior cluster with barnacles, triggers, tantric twins and growth craters, combines all the properties of clusters, double terminated crystals, bridges and any other formations of the individual DT's....
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This is a gorgeous and unique cluster of double terminated crystals with no matrix that elegantly bridge together. A high energy empathic warrior cluster with barnacles, triggers, tantric twins and growth craters, combines all the properties of clusters, double terminated crystals, bridges and any other formations of the individual DT's. A beautiful, powerful, relatively rare and extremely useful healing stone. As with clusters generally, the overall effect is greater than the sum of its parts.

Grid or meditate with this one of a kind high vibration crystal cluster and imagine connecting to your inner well of wisdom, power, and strength. Will make a wonderful altar crystal.

Weight = 167g
Size = 75mm x 53mm x 80mm

* high vibration stone
* protection
* master healer
* brings energy into the soul
* enhances and strengthens the aura
* amazing for helping you connect with your spirit guides and guardian angels
* a powerful energizer: receives, activates, stores, transmits, and amplifies energy
* facilitates wisdom, memory, clear thinking and positive thoughts
* amplifies the energy of any other stone that you use with it
* one of the best crystals for meditation because it can be programmed with your meditative intention


DOUBLE TERMINATED crystals have a termination on both ends. They teach us balance. They symbolize patience and perseverance. The energy flows in both directions at once, and can draw or transmit energy through both ends. These doubly powerful crystals are great for astral projection. They are good stones to use in meditation. They can help refine telepathic powers and can be used to link together individual minds and thoughts. Double terminated crystals are very useful in healing because they can move energy in two directions at the same time and can act as a bridge between two energy points. They’re useful in unblocking negative energy and are an excellent all around balancing tool. These Crystals are great at breaking old patterns like overcoming addictions. Placed on the third eye chakra they help activate our natural telepathy.

TANTRIC TWIN CRYSTALS - The word tantra itself is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning union. Your most important union is always first with your True Self. The ultimate union is when your Soul becomes one with you Original Source, whether that be Life Force, All That Is, or God. Tantric Twins single-mindedly work to assist you with human relationships of any kind. They prepare you to allow your twin essence or soulmate into your life at a very high energy level. Tantric Twins are extremely effective while working with the bond of two individuals who are already intimately connected.

BARNACLE QUARTZ CRYSTAL is a larger crystal with smaller crystals attached to it. Usually, these crystals emit a very Old Soul, ancient feeling. The larger crystal is the ‘Old Soul’ and contains the wisdom and trust that attracts the smaller crystals (babies or new souls). Barnacle quartz crystal helps us to see things from a wider, deeper, wiser perspective. They are essentially a type of mini-cluster and share the properties of clusters, one of the very best all-around healing crystals, especially good for chakra healing as the combined energy of the individual points combine to produce an energy greater than the sum of its parts.

BRIDGE CRYSTAL can be recognized by the appearance of a small crystal, which penetrates and is located partially in, and partially out of a larger crystal. The smaller crystal forms the “bridge” over the second larger crystal. This crystal facilitates bridging the energy between one’s inner and outer worlds, bridging the gap between the self and the higher self, between the self and other planetary occupants or between the self and other worlds.  Like a physical bridge connects one side of the land over a channel to the other side, this master crystal can be used to connect appearingly separated aspects.  As a tool for the “bridging” of understanding these crystals are perfect for teachers, public speakers or those involved in the sharing of higher concepts of spirituality and advanced metaphysical studies. When used in meditation the Bridge crystal is a powerful configuration that greatly enhances the communication and understanding of higher dimensional ideas that are always available to us while in a meditative state.

EMPATHIC WARRIOR CRYSTAL ~ Broken, chipped and otherwise damaged crystals are called Empathic. Empathic crystals bring out compassionate feelings in us. The crystal picks up this empathy and amplifies it. Often the lesson of Empathic crystals is to remember to be compassionate and empathetic to our OWN chips, dings and perceived flaws and to remember we are still beautiful, whole, lovable and worthy.
This crystal configuration promotes wound healing, whether it is on the mental, spiritual or emotional level. These warriors are specialists at helping one to open one’s heart. They give us a lesson of self-love, acceptance and forgiveness. Some empathic warriors develop beautiful rainbows within, reminding us that it is who we are on the inside that matters; and it is possible to regenerate one’s own rainbows even if we have been badly treated, neglected or abused. They are the perfect symbol for the smaller self who is willing to sacrifice itself to the higher self.

TRIGGER CRYSTALS are quartz crystals with a smaller crystal that is growing out of the side of the body of the bigger, older crystal. You can use them during meditation or when doing a healing, and they are activated by squeezing the smaller crystal. This will send an extra burst or surge of energy through the main crystal, which may elevate the metaphysical attributes of the bigger crystal.

GROWTH CRATER is a crystal that at one time had another crystal(s) attached to one of its sides. The missing crystal left behind a crater-like depression. These crystals symbolize our capacity to detach, let go, and continue on.

There are minor chips and small areas of damage, but these do not take away for the intrigue of these stones. Take a look at the pictures as I think they have a way of speaking for themselves. I tried to capture any interesting characteristic; however, if you have any questions we are always here to help.
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