Cleat Quartz Multipoint Crystal with an Amethyst Cluster Pendant

Whispers Of The Soul Intuition Amulet, Copper Electroformed Necklace.This gorgeous one of a kind Electroformed Amulet stars a Cleat Quartz Multipoint Crystal with an Amethyst cluster on top and an Sodalite Cabochon at the center. All encased in a thick layer of oxidized copper and given a vintage patina turning...
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Whispers Of The Soul Intuition Amulet, Copper Electroformed Necklace.

This gorgeous one of a kind Electroformed Amulet stars a Cleat Quartz Multipoint Crystal with an Amethyst cluster on top and an Sodalite Cabochon at the center. All encased in a thick layer of oxidized copper and given a vintage patina turning it into a unique crystal statement necklace. This handmade crystal necklace is perfect worn alone or layered with with other pieces.

This healing amulet is approximately 2-1/4" long and 1" wide and hangs on an antique copper plated chain that starts with 5 amethyst beads on each side. Choose your favourite length from the drop down menu.

Intuition are whispers from the Soul. When we follow our intuition our life flows more easily, things seem to fall into place, and we are generally more satisfied because we know we are following our soul path.

"Intuition plays a vital part in our everyday lives. Many people think of it as a moment where you instinctively know if something is right or isn’t right, or an inner voice that just knows. But it is so much more than that. Our intuition bridges the gap between our instincts and our reasoning, between the unconscious and conscious mind. It’s not just about trusting your gut. It’s about listening to the signs and symbols we don’t often pay attention to; the universe’s ways of guiding us. It’s time to tap into your intuition and become more aware of how the universe communicates with you through it." ~ Source: Sass Justine

AMETHYST: super charges your intuition, opening and activating your third eye and crown chakra. Balance of body, mind and soul, helps you feel focused. This crystal enhances visualization while calming the nervous system to reduce anxiety.

LAPIS LAZULI: stone of total awareness and insight, helps you to experience the energy and power you possess within. This stone of wisdom and truth promotes clarity, imagination and intuition. Encourages you to take charge of your life.

QUARTZ CRYSTALS: work in harmony with the human body because of the natural composition of this stone which is silicon dioxide, a chemical compound that attracts positive energy and encourages open and clear communication. And when you’re developing your sense of intuition you need to receive clear communication from your inner-self and the Quartz Crystal does that job beautifully. They are also known for bringing clarity to the mind, and we all know that when the mind is quiet and clear, the soul speaks.

What is intuition?
Immediate insight or understanding without conscious reasoning. Our soul is constantly sending us information to help us along our path. Intuition is one of the vehicles the soul uses to relay messages to us. Intuitive messages can come as a sudden "knowing," gut feelings, thoughts, images, emotions, or bodily sensations. Intuition is a powerful source of information, creativity, and inspiration. ~ Source: Ancient Pathways

* grounding metal bringing balance, while amplifying energy
* as Copper is a conductor of heat and electricity, it is also considered a conductor of one’s spiritual energy, moving it back and forth between people, auras, crystals, and the spirit world
* increases your mental agility and focus
* good luck for love and money
* traditionally copper is used to ease joint stiffness and the discomforts of arthritis, improve blood flow and reduce inflammation
* can be used to improve blood circulation, to increase overall physical energy, and to detoxify the body
* helps support the body’s natural healing process.
** Any stone with Copper, in or around it, is said to have enhanced properties.

The process of electroforming involves combining science and art, and while using electricity slowly over anywhere from 12-48 hours (depending on the size and detail of the piece), in a conductive solution, copper eventually grows on the object. The copper used in this process is recycled plumbing pipe. Each piece is then polished, oxidized (in the case of items with dark copper which is then polished further to bring out details) and sealed with renaissance wax to preserve and protect the finish. The result is an organic, repurposed, and entirely unique work of art.

"May you know your intuition and heed its messages. This is the whisper (or scream) of our body and soul guiding you toward your greatest good. Clear your mind and tune into the infinite message system available to you. Don't ask questions, just listen and follow. There is deep wisdom here and its always available to you. It is primal and mystical and leading you to places that you may not even be able to imagine. Trust your intuition."
Quoted from May You now Joy cards and booklet created and written by Adrienne Enns-Edgar
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