Copper Pyramid Energizer Set
Copper Pyramid Energizer Set with Quartz Point & Mat for Charging and Power.An excellent and useful tool for the diviner, this energizer set includes a powerful copper pyramid and quartz crystal point on a copper chain. It is suspended above...
Copper Energizing Pyramid 6", Cleanse, Recharge and Restore Crystals and Jewelry
* CLEARING * ENERGIZING * RECHARGE *Want to energize the effect of your jewelry and crystals? Placing them underneath a Copper Charging Pyramid strengthens the cleansing process and amplifies their energy. Hand made in India, the pure copper pyramid is...
40mm Sparkly Pyrite Sphere
40mm Sparkly Pyrite Sphere
~ ABUNDANCE ~ PROSPERITY ~ VITALITY ~Magnificent sparkling polished Peruvian Pyrite Crystal Sphere. The stone features a smooth polished face with indented crevices revealing beautiful pyrite crystallization within the sphere.These stunning 40mm pyrite spheres display well and are a beautiful...
Rare Double Terminated Crystal Cluster
This is a gorgeous and unique cluster of double terminated crystals with no matrix that elegantly bridge together. A high energy empathic warrior cluster with barnacles, triggers, tantric twins and growth craters, combines all the properties of clusters, double terminated...
Natural Clear Quartz Generator with Fairy Frost and Rainbows, 550g
* AMPLIFICATION * MANIFESTATION * STONE OF POWER *Weight: 550g (1.2 lbs), Dimensions: 110mm long x 70mm x 55mm.This natural clear quartz generator is a super special tool from Brazil raw and natural on the sides, polished points, and smoothed...
Healing Hands Crystal Display Dish, 3"x4" Made in Canada
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Healing Hands Crystal Display Dish, 3"x4" Made in Canada
Beautiful display dish featuring a pair of Healing Hands or God Hands to display your favorite crystals or crystal jewelry. This dish consists two strikingly realistic hands that are cupped together, in the symbolic offering position. These hands have been...
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